FEAR FACTORY frontman Burton C. Bell says that streaming music services like Spotify and Pandora are "getting away with murder" by not paying songwriters a fair royalty rate because of the consent decrees that govern how the vast majority of American songwriters are compensated for their work. Under a "consent decree" issued by the Justice Department in 1941, the moment someone requests a license from ASCAP and the other main publishing royalty organization, BMI, which together control about 90% of all commercially available recorded music, ASCAP or BMI must say yes — before they can negotiate price. When a fee can't be agreed, a rate-setting court decides the percentage amount of royalties these license holders pay in exchange. ASCAP and BMI, as well as individual songwriters and publishing companies, have long lobbied for changes to the consent decrees, arguing that the current system fails to take into account innovations that have significantly changed the field, such as digital music played on streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora, and claiming that the system under-compensates their members for these rights. Asked by Rodney Holder of Australia's Music Business Facts for his opinion on the way streaming services like Spotify and Pandora are changing the landscape of the music industry, Bell said (hear audio below): "I'm part of ASCAP, which is a royalty collection company, like BMI. ASCAP collects my royalty [for songs] that are played live [and on] radio [and used] in movies, commercials… whatever. "Streaming is a very debated issue right now, because companies like Pandora and Spotify are getting away with murder, basically, because they are going with a contract… they are going with a trademark agreement written in the 1940s to pay the artists the least amount of royalty possible, because in the 1940s, there was no such things as the Internet, and they never expected it. So, because of that, they're using this copyright/trademark law that was written to get away with paying the artist literally nothing. For instance, an artist like Adele — multi-platinum artist. One of her songs, 'Someone Like You' or whatever, had over 11 million listens on Pandora. The person who wrote that song, because of the royalty rate, only got paid 11 thousands dollars. For over 11 million million hits [or] listens on Pandora! That's fucking ridiculous! And that's what they're getting away with, and Pandora is fighting to keep it that way." He continued: "ASCAP invited me to a conference. I live on the East Coast, in Pennsylvania, and it just so happens that the area that I live in, my state representative, named Tom Marino, he is on the board to rewrite these trademark laws, to change them. And so ASCAP had a bunch of local artists — I happen to be one of them — who are signed up to ASCAP, who, basically… it's important for them to get a proper royalty rate to survive. So we met with this representative and we all sat and discussed, like… 'This is our living. This is what we do.'" Bell went on to say: "Pirating is bad enough. People think it's okay to steal downloads and music for free — they think it's okay — but would they enjoy it if I walked into their house after they created a meal for their family, I'd just pick it up and take it? It's, like, 'Oh, it's free.' It's the same thing. You just made this for your family to survive. "I do records, one, because it's my passion, and two, so me and my family can survive, and you're just gonna take it? For free, without paying for it? That's the analogy we give. "We are actively fighting this to make sure that all recording are properly… We're not asking for the world, we're not asking for a million, we are asking for a decent royalty rate. Because with a decent royalty rate, it makes sense to continue writing, it makes sense to continue being in a band." Bell added: "Taylor Swift… She's a fine example. I'm not much of a fan of her music, but I respect the woman immensely, because she is one of the fiercest fighters for artists about this… over this situation. So I highly respect Taylor Swift, 'cause she fiercely fights for us, and it's amazing." According to Bell, the solution to the complex issue of illegal music downloading is simple. "I just think that people need to be educated," he said. "Especially the younger generation that feel that they're entitled to everything for free — free Internet. Which is not the case. People work hard to make this. And there needs to be stipulations and things put into place so people start paying for things again. 'Cause it needs to happen." He continued: "Napster, as genius of a technological revolution it was, it fucked a lot of people — it really did. And it created a mentality of, 'Oh, shit! It's free. Everything's free. Wooo!' It really created a negative impact. And it's really sad. But at least there is one aspect of the metal community… The metal community is one of the communities of music that do continue to buy albums — CDs and vinyl — which is pretty strange. The metal community is very passionate about the music. And every day on stage, I'm announcing that we have a new record coming out and I'm also saying, 'If you love the music, you need to support your favorite artists. Because if you do not support your favorite artists, there's no way that your favorite artists will be able to come out here and play for you.' And I put it that way. 'Cause if you put it in that context, it's, like, 'Well, if I don't support them, they won't be here for me? What?' Yeah. It's true." FEAR FACTORY's new album, "Genexus", was released on August 7 via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. Interview (audio):

  • MEGADETH's DAVE MUSTAINE Lists San Diego Home For $5.375 Million

    According to the Los Angeles Times, MEGADETH leader Dave Mustaine has put his estate in Fallbrook, California on the market for $5.375 million. The 9.5-acre country English-style home in the northern San Diego community was built in 1990 and includes vineyards, pastureland and a pond. The 5,345 square feet of living space includes a paneled media room/den, a bar, an office, a gym, five bedrooms, five full bathrooms and two powder rooms. There is also a state-of-the-art sound and recording studio, a control room, a reception room and a producer’s boarding room. Check out photos of the property at Los Angeles Times. Mustaine and his family moved to Nashville in October 2014 after living in Fallbrook for many years. In a May 2015 interview with Rolling Stone, Mustaine stated about his decision to move to Tennessee: "This is the fourth time we've lived here. We still have our San Diego house but we're planning on selling soon and making this permanent." He continued: "You know the saying, 'Happy wife, happy life'? My wife and daughter are very, very, very happy here." Mustaine went on to say: "It's been great. The people are wonderful [in Nashville]. There's certain things I miss about California… and certain people I don't. But it's funny. I was driving to the studio the other day and I was kind of speeding and I see this sheriff. And I'm like, 'Oh god, I'm busted.' So I do a quick pull-in to the place where I'm going to eat breakfast, I sit down at a table and I start looking out the window. I see the sheriff make a U-turn and pass the restaurant real slow, and then he pulls into the parking lot. He walks in, comes right up to me and I'm thinking, OK, I'm nailed. I start to reach for my wallet. But then he goes, 'I just want to tell you I'm a big fan. We all knew you were moving here and we're so excited to have you here. Welcome.' I was like, 'Get the fuck out!'"

  • RAMMSTEIN: Performance Clip Of 'Benzin' From 'Rammstein In Amerika' DVD

    RAMMSTEIN made a triumphant return to the U.S. stage for the first time in 10 years, to headline one sold-out concert at New York City's Madison Square Garden. The venue's more than 18,000 seats were snatched up for the special appearance within less than 30 minutes of going on sale, heralding RAMMSTEIN's return with a frenzied fanfare on par with the German band's elaborate stage presentation. On September 25, Island/UMe will release "Rammstein In Amerika" in 2DVD and 2Blu-ray packages, pairing the incendiary Madison Square Garden concert, expertly filmed and recorded in 5.1 surround, with a feature-length documentary film directed by Hannes Rossacher. A 20-minute film about the making of RAMMSTEIN's sixth album, "Liebe Ist Für Alle Da", is also included. The two-hour "Rammstein In Amerika" documentary throws open the band's private archives spanning more than 20 years, including a trove of never-before-seen footage. Originated and personally overseen by RAMMSTEIN, the film is a fascinating chronological exploration of the band's history, from the members' shared experience of limited touring and other creative business opportunities behind the Iron Curtain in their native East Germany to bursting onto the world's stage as metal/rock heroes after Germany's reunification. The film follows RAMMSTEIN's first forays into U.S. touring and American music business dealings in the 1990s, their work with David Lynch for the "Lost Highway" soundtrack, global radio and music television success, and international touring, which included the 1999 arrest of two of the band's members in Massachusetts for elements of their stage presentation deemed by local police to be "lewd and lascivious behavior." The film also goes behind the scenes with RAMMSTEIN's retreat from America in the wake of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, before concluding with the band's eventual return to perform in America on November 12, 2010 at Madison Square Garden. In addition to RAMMSTEIN's Till Lindemann (vocals), Richard Z. Kruspe (guitar), Paul Landers (guitar), Oliver Riedel (bass), Flake Lorenz (keyboard), and Christoph Schneider (drums, percussion), several well-known American artists, including Iggy Pop, Chad Smith (RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS), Moby, Melissa Auf der Maur, Marilyn Manson, Kiefer Sutherland, Steven Tyler (AEROSMITH), Jonathan Davis (KORN), CJ Ramone, Scott Ian (ANTHRAX), SLIPKNOT, SYSTEM OF A DOWN, KISS and Taylor Momsen, are among the documentary's diverse and insightful participants. Shot in high definition with 14 cameras and 5.1 surround audio, RAMMSTEIN's "Live From Madison Square Garden" concert film shows the band in full creative stride as they command the stage for their roof-raising return to New York. RAMMSTEIN's complete performance of 18 songs is captured in the film, clocking in for one hour and 41 minutes of visual and sonic annihilation. Also included is Paul Landers's 20-minute "Making Of Liebe Ist Für Alle Da" documentary, which takes viewers into the studio during RAMMSTEIN's November/December 2008 sessions for the band's sixth album in Sonoma, California. "Live From Madison Square Garden" track listing: 01. Rammlied 02. B******** 03. Waidmanns Heil 04. Keine Lust 05. Weisses Fleisch 06. Feuer Frei! 07. Wiener Blut 08. Frühling In Paris 09. Ich Tu Dir Weh 10. Du Riechst So Gut 11. Benzin 12. Links 2 3 4 13. Du Hast 14. Pussy 15. Sonne 16. Haifisch 17. Ich Will 18. Engel A performance clip of the song "Benzin", taken from "Live From Madison Square Garden", can be seen below.


  • AC/DC Drummer PHIL RUDD Has Paid Less Than Half Of Court-Ordered Reparation

    According to Radio New Zealand, AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd has paid out less than half of his required $120,000 in reparations following his recent sentencing to eight months of home detention by a New Zealand court after pleading guilty to charges of threatening to kill and drug possession. Rudd has been meeting with a specialist psychiatrist but authorities remain concerned about his behavior. He has also reconciled with his would-be victim. Rudd's lawyer, Craig Tuck, argued the drummer should have been discharged without conviction and appealed against his sentence on the basis that it was "manifestly excessive." But High Court Justice Raynor Asher said on Tuesday (October 6) that the consequences of Rudd's sentence were not out of proportion to the offense, explaining, "Even with the convictions, Mr. Rudd may practice as a musician in session work and in concerts in New Zealand and in other countries." Tuck said Rudd had so far paid $50,000 of the fine and the rest of it was "being sorted". "As I understand it, [the fine] is being resolved and worked through, presently, so there were a number of matters that were raised on appeal — that was one of them," the lawyer said. "It was to be paid by the 20th of September, and, of course, the appeal was on the basis that it would be paid." Rudd is seeing a court-appointed psychiatrist named Rupert Bird, who specializes in methamphetamine psychosis and who the drummer said is "helping me through my imbalances and personal issues." Rudd is also in a rehab program and is not allowed to have alcohol in his house, although he was arrested for a second time recently when a female guest brought alcohol to his place — a charge he'll face in court in November. The charge of threatening to kill was the result of him reportedly trying to hire someone to "take out" his personal assistant after Rudd was angered by the poor launch of his 2014 solo debut, "Head Job". Rudd called the charge a "complete crock of shit," although he admitted, "I wasn't handling it very well." Rudd's status with AC/DC seems to be non-existent at the moment. Although he says he's "never been fitter," he was replaced in AC/DC back in February by Chris Slade. The band has shown no inclination for Rudd to return.

  • DEE SNIDER To PAUL STANLEY: 'Why Do You Have To Be Such A Dick?'

    Dee Snider says that Paul Stanley was being "a dick" when the KISS leader slammed the TWISTED SISTER frontman as "a wannabe" who "desperately wants attention and to be taken seriously." During a recent appearance on Eddie Trunk's show, Snider criticized Stanley and KISS bassist Gene Simmons for having current KISS members Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer dress up as Peter Criss's and Ace Frehley's respective "Spaceman" and "Catman" personas. Dee told Trunk: "I don't see how people could accept this. Tommy Thayer? I'm sorry. It's insulting. Not only did he play in a tribute band of KISS, he's imitating Ace in his entire act!" Snider went on to bash Thayer for allegedly copying Ace's stage moves. He said: "Oh my God — that's disgraceful. When KISS replaced Ace and Peter, and they brought in guys [Eric Carr and Vinnie Vincent] who had their own makeup and their own thing, that was acceptable. That was awesome. They were their own characters." Stanley got an opportunity to respond to Snider during an interview for Chris Jericho's "Talk Is Jericho" podcast. He said: "Well, let me put it in the simplest terms. In this case, this guy is a wannabe, has always been a wannabe and desperately wants attention and to be taken seriously, and that will never happen because he's obviously clueless that he and his whole band are a bunch of buffoons." Snider responded to Stanley's comments by writing an open letter to the KISS frontman in which he accused Paul of being "oddly threatened" by him an insisting that he would "bury" Stanley in a hypothetical "old-school" rock battle, featuring " no costumes, no pyro [and] no bullshit." At the 2015 Long Island benefit to fight hunger on September 20, Snider spoke to "The Real Radio Show" about his war of words with Stanley. He said (see video below): "Look, it's crazy how international this feud between me and Paul Stanley has become. Not bad for a 'wannabe' or a buffoon. " He continued: "Let me lay out my KISS credentials. [I] own the first seven albums. I bought the first album before it had 'Kissin' Time' on it. I bought it in February, 'cause I lived in Nassau County, they lived in Queens, and there was a rumor about this cool band that had an album coming out, and I got it the minute it came out. I have stood in front of a mirror and lipsynched Paul Stanley vocals, made Paul faces in the mirror, okay? So I don't think I'm out of line to say that I have an opinion and that I feel that the Ace Frehley impersonator playing guitar now is an insult to fans. People disagree — that's fine. People agree — that's fine. But Paul reacted to me making a statement — anything negative about KISS; I mean, you're not allowed to do that, apparently — and decided to call me a wannabe and a buffoon, and I had to address that in an open letter to Paul, where I pretty much took him out at the knees." Snider then addressed Stanley directly, saying: "Paul, I love your band, I love your music. Why do you have to be such a dick? Alice Cooper is not a dick. Alice Cooper has inspired a million people and he's the coolest guy in the world, yet Gene [Simmons, KISS bassist/vocalist] and Paul, they've got this arrogance about them, like the world owes them something. We do owe you something, but let us offer it; don't insist we buy it from you."

  • METALLICA: Official Footage Of Second Quebec City Performance

    Official fly-on-the-wall footage shot of METALLICA's September 16 performance in Quebec City, Qebec, Canada can be seen below. The 21-minute clip, which was shot by a MetOnTour reporter, includes footage of the soundecheck, Lars Ulrich in the meet-and-greet, pre-show tuning-room footage, and "Harvester Of Sorrow" from the show. The band's setlist was as follows: 01. Creeping Death 02. Master Of Puppets 03. Battery 04. Harvester Of Sorrow 05. Ride The Lightning 06. The Unforgiven II 07. St. Anger 08. Wherever I May Roam 09. Sad But True 10. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 11. The Frayed Ends Of Sanity 12. One 13. For Whom The Bell Tolls 14. Fade To Black 15. Seek And Destroy Encore: 16. Turn The Page 17. Nothing Else Matters 18. Enter Sandman METALLICA has reportedly been working on its tenth studio album, which will follow up 2008's "Death Magnetic". Drummer Lars Ulrich told Rolling Stone magazine that the band doesn't want to record in a way that feels "labored over and overthought." METALLICA has spent a lot of time outside the studio in the last year, with activities that included a string of European all-request shows last summer, a week-long residency on "The Late Show With Craig Ferguson", and a Rock In Rio USA stint. METALLICA has not revealed when it plans to begin recording or tentatively release the new album.

  • MONSTER MAGNET: Entire 'Cobras And Fire (The Mastermind Redux)' Album Available For Streaming

    Dave Wyndorf and his MONSTER MAGNET henchmen seemingly had the time of their lives when they completely rearranged and boosted "Last Patrol" in 2014 and christened it "Milking The Stars: A Re-Imagining Of Last Patrol". Now MONSTER MAGNET go back even further to 2010 and their "Mastermind" album. Even if you know the LP inside and out, you won't be prepared in the slightest for the trip that is "Cobras And Fire (The Mastermind Redux)": just think of the beast "Apocalypse Now" turned into in its Redux form. Familiar elements drift by and are swallowed whole by thundering psych orgies — Wyndorf often focuses on a singular song fragment and turns it into his ride to total Nirvana. Go look for your daily dose of average rock elsewhere: this is the mindfuck of the year! "Cobras And Fire (The Mastermind Redux)" will be released on October 9 via Napalm Records. The entire CD can now be streamed using the SoundCloud widget below. "Cobras and Fire (The Mastermind Redux)" track listing: 01. She Digs That Hole 02. Watch Me Fade 03. Mastermind '69 04. Hallucination Bomb 05. Gods And Punks 06. The Titan 07. When The Planes Fall From The Sky 08. Ball Of Confusion 09. Time Machine 10. I Live Behind The Paradise Machine Evil Joe Barresi's Magnet Mash Vol.1 Wyndorf stated about the new album: "It's a re-imagining of material from 2010's 'Mastermind' album as an alternative listening experience that I think stands on its own. "With 'Cobras And Fire', I wanted to present these songs in a much stranger and dirtier atmosphere. Less 'classic rock' and more… well, I'd guess I'd call it a deranged fusion of garage-psych, fuzz punk and movie soundtrack music. It's almost completely re-recorded (with the bulk of the guitar and bass playing by co-producer Phil Caivano), and, as in 'Milking The Stars', I've added organ, piano, sitars and more to flesh out a completely new sound for these tunes. There's also a HAWKWIND/PINK FAIRIES-inspired cover version of THE TEMPTATIONS 1969 classic 'Ball Of Confusion' with background vocals by MONSTER MAGNET co-founder and RIB EYE BROS. frontman Tim Cronin. Plus an eight-minute, tripped-out sonic adventure entitled 'I Live Behind The Paradise Machine' specially created by mixer extraordinaire Evil Joe Barresi. Joe is at his best here, seamlessly integrating elements from several MAGNET songs into a new, standalone composition. "All in all, I call this the weirdest MONSTER MAGNET yet, and that's a good thing! I hope you like it!"


  • Video: ABBATH's Version Of IMMORTAL's 'Nebular Ravens Winter'

    ABBATH, the band led by ex-IMMORTAL frontman Olve Eikemo (a.k.a. Abbath), has released a video for its version of the IMMORTAL song "Nebular Ravens Winter". Check it out below. ABBATH will release a seven-inch single, "Count The Dead", on December 11 via Season Of Mist. The A-side features the title track while the B-side consists of a cover version of the JUDAS PRIEST classic "Riding On The Wind". "Count The Dead" will be released in two versions, which are both limited to 500 copies worldwide and exclusively available for pre-order through the Season Of Mist shop. ABBATH's video for the song "Fenrir Hunts" can be seen below. The clip is a live recording of a new ABBATH track, the studio version of which will appear on the group's forthcoming debut album, due in early 2016 via Season Of Mist. The band states: "We have performed 'Fenrir Hunts' live since our debut concert at Tuska festival in Finland. This led to the decision to record a few live songs properly. With the aid of a camera team, we have recorded three tracks in a live setting at the beginning of September. Along with 'Fenrir Hunts', which you can see today, there will be two cover versions coming up soon. Now, here is 'Fenrir Hunts', the first glimpse from our upcoming debut album!" The "Fenrir Hunts" video was directed by Fraser West. The song was recorded and mixed by Jamie Ward. Bass duties for ABBATH are being handled by a man familiar to metal fans across the world — Tom Cato Visnes, more widely known as King Ov Hell and main composer for several GORGOROTH albums as well as his own bands OV HELL, with singer Shagrath from DIMMU BORGIR, and GOD SEED, with exceptional black metal vocalist Gaahl. His fellow GOD SEED member and BORKNAGAR percussionist, Baard Kolstad, has also joined ABBATH on drums. Abbath announced earlier this year that he was moving forward under his own name. "I didn't want to go solo in the first place," Abbath told U.K.'s Metal Hammer magazine. "I wanted the best for IMMORTAL. I didn't want it to end this way. First of all, I just wanted my music out. I wanted to record the [next] album [because] it's been so many years since 'All Shall Fall'. And both Demonaz and Horgh, they have kids and families now, and it just hit that point where I couldn't work the way they wanted to work any more. I wanted things on my terms and they wanted things on their terms, and it was very difficult." He continued: "I wanted to rehearse at least three times a week, but often it was only once a week and things went so slow. I sat there with all this material, I kept the rehearsal space and recorded the stuff on click track, but it was a very strained atmosphere and the Last time we worked together was in early June last year." Asked if the decision to part ways and seek out new band members was inevitable, Abbath said: "I was forced to do it this way. I wanted IMMORTAL to continue, but not the way it was. The dialogue has not been there and it's also my mistake. I should have brought up this shit a long time ago, but IMMORTAL, after Demonaz's problems with his arms, it never became a band after that." He continued: "IMMORTAL is a very special situation. [Demonaz] hasn't been in the band, but then I always wanted to do the best for everybody, to have the band spirit, and that's why when we decided to start IMMORTAL again, we tried to get the spirit back, and bring him on tour, and just share our thing and be a band and have a kick-ass time. But it never worked out. The chemistry wasn't there with the IMMORTAL guys and hadn't been for a while." Abbath added: "I believe in my music and I believe in my expression, but time flies and we grow apart. Maybe in the future we can go back again, I don't know, but right now I just want to do my thing and just be ABBATH and have people around me who support that."


  • THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN Announces Deluxe Vinyl Reissues Of First Three RELAPSE Albums

    Relapse and Party Smasher Inc. have announced that the first three full-length releases from legendary extreme music pioneers THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN will see deluxe vinyl reissues this November. "Calculating Infinity", the band's landmark debut, has not seen a vinyl release in 15 years (outside of a very limited picture disk printing in 2000), and will now be pressed on three exclusive colors. THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN's breakthrough 2004 record "Miss Machine", which put the band on the map for mainstream and underground audiences alike, has not been pressed on vinyl in more than ten years, while the band's experimental 2007 full-length "Ire Works" will be repressed for the first time on vinyl in over eight years. Both "Miss Machine" and "Ire Works" will also be printed on three exclusive colors. The reissues are set for worldwide release on November 27, and will also include full album digital download codes. Preorders for all of the editions can be currently found here. All three albums can be streamed via Bandcamp: "Calculating Infinity" can be heard here, "Miss Machine" can be streamed here, and "Ire Works" is available here. dillingervinylreissues

  • Ex-MUSHROOMHEAD Singer WAYLON REAVIS On Decision To Leave: 'My Heart Wasn't There'

    Former MUSHROOMHEAD vocalist Waylon Reavis has released a four-minute video message in which he explains in more detail his decision to leave the band. "It's over. I'm so relieved," Waylon says in the clip, which can be seen below. "I was planning this. It just happened a little sooner than I thought it would. I really wasn't happy; I hadn't been in a while. "I've made my decision. MUSHROOMHEAD has made their decision. And we'll leave it at that. We are professionals. We are artists. This kind of stuff happens." He continued: "I have not been there in a while. I've been checked out. I've been doing my own thing. My heart wasn't there. My soul wasn't there. My time in MUSHROOMHEAD had ran its course. "I have eleven years of wonderful, wonderful memories, but I'm ready for something else in my life. I'm ready for a change. I've lived the same monotony for too long." Waylon went on to say: "I just didn't agree with a lot of the decisions and where we were going, and that's fine; that's part of life. You don't have to agree with everything. "Remember: I'm only here once. You're only here once. If we're not enjoying what we're doing, why the hell are we doing it? "I'm at home with my family. For the first time in a long time, I don't feel a burden of MUSHROOMHEAD, and it did feel like a burden to me. It's not my burden, it's not my problem anymore, and I'm glad it's gone. But the fact is I do wish them the best." MUSHROOMHEAD's current lineup includes two other vocalists, J. Mann (a.k.a. Jason Popson) and Jeffrey "Nothing" Hatrix. The band's eighth studio album, 2014's "The Righteous & The Butterfly", sold around 11,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 20 on The Billboard 200 chart. MUSHROOMHEAD formed in Cleveland, Ohio in 1993. The band has gone through many lineup changes, with Hatrix, keyboardist Tom Schmitz and drummer Steve Felton the only consistent members.


    Quitting something you are not happy doing is one thing. Blacking out and senselessly kicking me in the back and...

    Posted by Rick "Stitch" Thomas on Tuesday, October 6, 2015


    2016 marks the 20th anniversary of Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp, and four of the greatest guitarists and a legendary drummer come together in Los Angeles to headline one of the most amazing camp's ever assembled on Presidents Day/Grammy weekend, Feb. 11-14, 2016. Campers will have the opportunity to meet and jam with guitarists Tony Iommi, Steve Vai, Warren Haynes, Zakk Wylde and drummer Carl Palmer at this once-in-a-lifetime event. In addition, the weekend will culminate with campers and their bands performing at the Whisky A Go Go on the Sunset Strip. "I've really enjoyed working with the students at Coventry University and the 'Guitar Star' contestants in England, so I'm looking forward to meeting some more enthusiastic players at the Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp in Hollywood," said Iommi. "As we approach the 20th anniversary of Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp, we continue to fulfill people's musical dreams, from beginners to advanced players," said David Fishof, founder and creator of Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp. "This camp will be a true once-in- a-lifetime experience for any music fan." Tony Iommi is a founding member and lead guitar player of Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductee and Grammy-winning hard rock band BLACK SABBATH. He is synonymous with his innovative, de-tuned, dark riffs that are considered the blueprint for hundreds of bands that followed. Also appearing will be Warren Haynes, who is best known for his work as longtime guitarist with the ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND and founding member of the jam band GOV'T MULE, as well as touring with PHIL LESH and THE DEAD. Haynes will be joined by Zakk Wylde, who is best known known as the guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne, and founder of the band BLACK LABEL SOCIETY. He was also the lead guitarist and vocalist in PRIDE & GLORY, and as a solo artist he released "Book Of Shadows". In addition, Carl Palmer, one of the most respected rock drummers to emerge from the 1960s and veteran of famous English bands including EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER and ASIA, will headline the camp. Rounding out the line-up is Grammy Award-winning artist and legendary guitar hero Steve Vai. He has sold over 15 million albums and has recorded and toured with Frank Zappa, PUBLIC IMAGE LTD., ALCATRAZZ, David Lee Roth, WHITESNAKE, and as a solo artist. Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp is a non-competitive atmosphere designed for all levels of musicians and music enthusiasts. Participants are placed in bands with like-minded people and skill level to make for an off-the-charts experience. The bands will rehearse under the guidance of a rock star counselor, including Vinny Appice (DIO, BLACK SABBATH), Rudy Sarzo (QUIET RIOT, OZZY OSBOURNE), Tracii Guns (L.A. GUNS), Vic Johnson (SAMMY HAGAR), Frankie Banali (QUIET RIOT), Bjorn Englen (YNGWIE MALMSTEEN), Kane Roberts (ALICE COOPER), Teddy Andreadis (GUNS N' ROSES) and Brian Tichy (WHITESNAKE). Space is always limited at Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp to keep the experience intimate. For additional information, please visit www.rockcamp.com or call 888.762.BAND.

  • Former GOATLORD Guitarist Involved In Double Murder Suicide

    According to KSNV, guitarist Joe Frankulin of black/doom metallers GOATLORD killed a woman and her 7-year-old son before turning the gun on himself last Friday, October 2. The mother and her young son were identified as Jennifer Bagley Donoso and her oldest son, Lex. The 47-year-old Frankulin reportedly spray-painted "I LOVE YOU BABY" on a garage door, a message that was apparently meant for Lexus. The police said there appeared to have been previous disputes between the man and the woman, but they offered no details. Frankulin had no criminal record in Clark County, court records show. One of Frankulin's neighbors said that Frankulin sold most of his possessions in the past few weeks and "barricaded" his house. "The last six months he kind of gave me a really eerie feeling," the neighbor said. "Like the way he acted. His demeanor. He would always be around children." According to GOATLORD's Facebook page, the band was active for at least 10 years beginning in 1987. A Facebook post created under Frankulin's name said he had failed to reunite the band for a festival in Germany last year. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Frankulin was described as heavy-set with long hair and is said to have often worn visibly dirty clothes.

  • AUDIOTOPSY Feat. MUDVAYNE Members: 'The Calling' Video Premiere

    "The Calling", the first video from AUDIOTOPSY, the new band featuring guitarist Greg Tribbett (MUDVAYNE, HELLYEAH), drummer Matt McDonough (MUDVAYNE), vocalist Billy Keeton (SKRAPE) and bassist Perry Stern, can be seen below. The clip was filmed in Orlando, Florida and directed by David Brodsky of My Good Eye NYC. "The Calling" is taken from AUDIOTOPSY's debut album, "Natural Causes", which was released on October 2 via Napalm. The CD was produced by the AUDIOTOPSY bandmembers at The Porch Studio in Orlando, Florida with engineer Tim Laud. "Natural Causes" track listing: 01. Headshot 02. All We Know 03. LYLAB 04. The Calling 05. H2O (Interlude) 06. Swim 07. Disguise Your Devils 08. Burn the Sky 09. Distorted 10. Darken the Rainbow 11. Frozen Scars 12. Natural Causes (Outro) Said Greg: "The focus was to write solid, hooky, big riff songs. We didn't want to sound or look like every other band. It's not supposed to be regular. We're all building this vision together." Merging intricate instrumentation with a seamless knack for melody, they conjured up a style as heavy as it is hypnotic. "We got a vibe going", added Greg. You could call it 'progressive hard rock.'" Regarding the CD's opening track, "Headshot", Billy said: "It's from the point of view or the eyes of, not necessarily a soldier, but anybody who's in battle and in the trenches. Metaphorically speaking, it's life through the eyes of somebody fighting a battle." Tribbett, who was also a member of HELLYEAH until early 2014, said about his project: "I'm extremely excited about AUDIOTOPSY. The music has everything you want in a record… heavy, melodic, atmospheric, big, hooky riffs/singalongs as well. The guys in the band are great and we all feel as if this was meant to happen." Tribbett and bassist Bob "Zilla" Kakaha were dismissed from HELLYEAH in 2013. HELLYEAH guitarist Tom Maxwell explained: "They just pretty much had a lot of other stuff going on in their life that just took the focus of the band away, and for us to continue, we had to part ways with them." HELLYEAH and MUDVAYNE singer Chad Gray told The Pulse Of Radio that the split with his longtime bandmate and friend Tribbett was painful. "It was really, really tough, I mean, kind of watching Greg go through the things he was going through, you know, as his brother, as somebody that's worked with him for 18 years," he said. "I was watching this decline in him, you know, and it was really, really difficult." Meanwhile, it's been six years since MUDVAYNE released its self-titled fifth album, which was barely promoted and sold weakly upon release. The band has been silent since then, although a message was posted at its Facebook page last year saying that the group had not broken up.

    audiotopsyband2015new_638 audiotopsynaturalcausescd

  • SUICIDE SILENCE To Release 'Sacred Words' Digital-Only EP

    California-based extreme metal titans SUICIDE SILENCE will release a digital-only EP titled "Sacred Words" on October 23 via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. The EP features the title track "Sacred Words" as well as various previously unreleased songs, including three live tracks taken from the band's RockPart festival performance on August 9, 2015 in Hungary, "We are dropping a digital EP with some sick live tracks and much more," commented guitarist Mark Heylum. "Get your fill of SUICIDE SILENCE with this release of 'Sacred Words' dropping October 23! I said goddamn!" "Sacred Words" digital EP track listing: 01. Sacred Words 02. Inherit The Crown (live) 03. Cease To Exist (live) 04. Sacred Words (live) 05. Sacred Words (We Are Strong Remix) 06. Sacred Words (instrumental) "You Can't Stop Me", SUICIDE SILENCE's first album to feature vocalist Hernan "Eddie" Hermida and their first since the tragic loss of singer Mitch Lucker, was released in July 2014 via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. "You Can't Stop Me" was produced and mixed by Steve Evetts (SEPULTURA, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN), who worked with the band not only on "The Black Crown", but also on some instrumental demos for the new CD just prior to Lucker's death in the fall of 2012. Mitch Lucker died November 1, 2012 after sustaining injuries in a motorcycle crash in Huntington Beach that Halloween night. Photo credit: Stephanie Cabral suicidesilencesacredwordsep

  • MEGADETH's Concert In Beijing Ends Abruptly After One Hour

    According to The Beijinger, MEGADETH's October 6 concert at the MasterCard Center in Beijing, China ended abruptly after only an hour, possibly due to the band being censored by officials. An unusual number of instrumentals and extended guitar solos filled out MEGADETH's abbreviated performance, with "Skin Of My Teeth" being played instrumentally and several other of the band's best-known songs — including "Holy Wars" and "Angry Again" — omitted entirely. MEGADETH leader Dave Mustaine's comments at the end of the show suggestion that an official intervention resulted in a shorter-than-expected concert. "Thank you for leaving so that we can come back and play again," he said from the stage as the band waved to the crowd after performing "Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?" According to The Wall Street Journal, "authorities [in China] require entertainment companies to jump through hoops, submitting minute details of their show, including set lists. The process reflects the control held by China's censors, who try to prevent incidents like one in 2008, in which Icelandic singer Bjork sang at a Shanghai concert about the ever-politically sensitive issue of Tibetan freedom." The members of METALLICA revealed in 2013 that they were asked to send the lyrics to their entire discography to the Chinese government for approval before they were given permission to play in the country. "We had to give them a whole set of songs and they went through all the lyrics and okayed which ones we could play, which ones we couldn't play," METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett said. "They see a lyric like 'Master Of Puppets' being so subversive that they're not allowing us to play it. It's kind of scary." Added METALLICA frontman James Hetfield: "And that just brings more attention to it, of course. That doesn't work." According to METALLICA, they never considered canceling their Chinese shows after being told which songs they couldn't perform in the country. "There were 40,000 kids over those two nights that were, I mean, they were really responding to what we were doing," said METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich. "It was insane." "Whatever rules they set down, the fans were there to have fun," stated Hetfield. "We got our foot in the door. We were able to go and play in China. That was the key." "What I did is, I had an open guitar solo thing where I just sit there and riff," said Hammett. "I played the riff for 'Master Of Puppets' and a couple of other songs that weren't allowed to be played. I played just the music, so I kind of snuck it in there." Ulrich also explained that METALLICA's Chinese fans were fully aware of the restrictions that were placed upon the band during their appearance in the country. "What we're talking about here is not a secret. They published it on government web sites — what songs we could play and what we couldn't. I mean, it's fine." MEGADETH's current touring lineup features founding members Mustaine (guitar, vocals) and David Ellefson (bass) alongside LAMB OF GOD drummer Chris Adler and Brazilian guitarist Kiko Loureiro, best known for his work with ANGRA. Replacing Adler at the Beijing concert was veteran drummer Tony Laureano (ex-DIMMU BORGIR, NILE, ANGELCORPSE), who also works as MEGADETH's drum tech. MEGADETH's fifteenth studio album, "Dystopia", will be released on January 22, 2016. The follow-up to 2013's "Super Collider" was recorded earlier in the year in Nashville, Tennessee and was mixed by Josh Wilbur, who has previously worked with LAMB OF GOD, ALL THAT REMAINS and GOJIRA. megadethbeijingposter2015

  • KORN Bassist Engaging Fans With Free, Exclusive Content During Tour

    CallFire, Inc. announced a new integration with mobile marketing and loyalty company Mobilewave, further expanding CallFire's presence in the music, entertainment, and sports verticals. As part of the integration, CallFire's text messaging platform will connect brands and talent with their followers, enabling fans to get up front and personal with their favorite bands, celebrities, movie franchises, athletes, and teams. The integration is kicking off with KORN's national tour in October, with KORN bassist Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu engaging fans with free, exclusive content during the tour including videos, photos and backstage sneak peeks. "Entertainment is a broad vertical where fans crave unique content and one to one interaction with celebrities, so text messaging makes perfect sense from a marketing and engagement perspective," said Brooke Temple, SVP Strategic Partnerships at CallFire. "I can't wait for the behind-the-scenes access [KORN] is bringing to its followers, and we're excited to help launch it to the masses." To receive free content enabled by Callfire's technology, fans can simply text "Rock" to "606060" to join Arvizu's text channel and unlock all of the exclusive content offered during KORN's tour. Through videos and photos, Arvizu will be sending fans behind-the-scenes looks backstage at a KORN concert, how the band prepares for a show, and what the bassist does on a day off while touring. Subscribed fans in select tour cities will also have the chance to win exclusive prizes, including the chance to get a backstage pass and catch the show from the best seat in the house — the stage itself. One lucky winner will also receive an autographed bass from Arvizu. "The band is always looking for ways to show our fans how much we appreciate their support," said Fieldy. "Instantly sharing never-before-seen videos and photos while on the go from our tour is a great way to reward our loyal fans and let them know how much we appreciate them. CallFire and Mobilewave make it so easy to share my favorite touring moments — I'm excited for our fans to get this exclusive access for the first time." Fieldy, impressed by technology, tells MediaPost.com that he wants to continually try new things. "It blows me away that the Starbucks app lets you pay with your phone by pressing the pay button and scanning the barcode," he says. "They're the biggest of the biggest company, and it takes three clicks to make a purchase." "Mobilewave is the only digital marketing firm providing free, exclusive content through text messaging and we're grateful CallFire is enabling us to provide this functionality to our customers," say Scotty Tanner and Butch Whitehead, founders at Mobilewave. "Now anyone with a fan base can engage followers with great unique content and perks." To learn more about CallFire's integration with Mobilewave, visit www.callfire.com.

  • RICHIE KOTZEN Unleashes 'Live' DVD

    THE WINERY DOGS guitarist/vocalist Richie Kotzen, who made a name for himself via his hard rock, blues-influenced solo albums, has just released a new solo DVD, titled simply "Live", via CD Baby. The set, which was made available in Japan under the title "020215BLITZ-RK", features footage of Kotzen's concert on February 2, 2015 at Akasaka Blitz in Japan. Speaking with The Boca Raton Tribune, Kotzen stated about "Live": "I did [a concert DVD] years ago in Brazil and it was a great show but the cameras that were used were lower resolution and it wasn't a high-def thing and the audio was okay, but it wasn't that great. This time, we were able to go in with great cameras and great audio equipment, and they really capture what I do with my band. It's an exciting DVD. I play at a level that I don't really reach when I play with THE WINERY DOGS, just by the nature of the kind of music that we do on the trio, so i think it's going to be very interesting for people to watch me playing in that environment." "Live" track listing: 01. War Paint 02. Love Is Blind 03. Bad Situation 04. Cannibals 05. Walk With Me 06. Fear 07. Doing What The Devil Says To Do 08. Peace Sign 09. Drum and Bass Solo 10. Help Me 11. Remember 12. Fooled Again 13. You Can't Save Me 14. Go Faster Kotzen's 20th solo album, "Cannibals", was digitally released on January 8 via his Headroom-Inc label. THE WINERY DOGS, which also features drummer Mike Portnoy (DREAM THEATER, AVENGED SEVENFOLD, ADRENALINE MOB) and legendary bassist Billy Sheehan (MR. BIG, TALAS, DAVID LEE ROTH), released its sophomore album, "Hot Streak", on October 2 in North America on Loud & Proud Records via RED (a division of Sony Music Entertainment) and in the rest of the world via earMUSIC. richiekotzenlivedvdcover

  • KURT COBAIN: Early Demo Version Of 'Sappy' Available For Streaming

    Hailed as one of the most innovative and intimate documentaries of all time, experience Kurt Cobain like never before in the only fully authorized portrait of the famed music icon in "Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck". Acclaimed filmmaker Brett Morgen expertly blends Cobain's personal archive of art, music, never-before-seen movies, animation and revelatory interviews from his family and closest friends. Wildly creative and highly praised, the documentary follows Kurt from his earliest years in this visceral and detailed cinematic insight of an artist struggling to come to terms and make sense of his place in the world. "Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck", will be released by Universal Music Enterprises in multiple formats, including the Super Deluxe Edition as well as in Blu-ray, DVD and digital video formats. The soundtrack album, "Kurt Cobain - Montage Of Heck: The Home Recordings", will also be released on CD and digitally on November 13. A 2LP vinyl edition of "Kurt Cobain - Montage Of Heck: The Home Recordings" will follow on December 4. In addition, a seven-inch single featuring "And I Love Her" and "Sappy (Early Demo)" is also scheduled for release on November 20. "Sappy (Early Demo)" can now be streamed in the YouTube clip below. "Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck Super Deluxe Edition" and "Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck: The Home Recordings" both include the highly anticipated soundtrack, an aural complement to the documentary in both concept and experience. Comprised from various early and raw cassette recordings made by Kurt alone, the soundtrack allows a rare, unfiltered glimpse into Cobain's creative progression from early song snippets and short demos to musical experiments and ultimately, pieces of songs or lyrics that eventually appeared on later NIRVANA albums. "Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck Super Deluxe Edition" will include the two-hour-plus full-length feature film and 48 minutes of bonus interviews on Blu-ray and DVD, a 31-track deluxe soundtrack on CD and cassette, a 160-page hardbound book with extended interviews and images from the Cobain archive, a puzzle with a collectable storage container, movie poster, postcards and bookmark. The 31-track deluxe soundtrack CD is exclusively available in the Super Deluxe Edition and showcases tracks from the documentary including spoken word, demos and full songs. "Kurt Cobain - Montage Of Heck: The Home Recordings" soundtrack will be released in two stand-alone physical formats: a 31-track deluxe album available on 2LP vinyl and a standard edition 13-track CD. The standard soundtrack focuses on the music discovered on Cobain's personal cassettes. The soundtrack will also be available in standard and deluxe digital editions. The documentary, "Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck", is an authentic and unflinching look into Kurt's life, art and mind through his own unique lens. Following Kurt from his earliest years in Aberdeen, Washington, through the height of his fame, the film creates an immersive cinematic insight into an artist who craved the spotlight even as he rejected the trappings of fame. Brett Morgen who wrote, directed and produced the documentary began working on it in 2007 when Cobain's family approached him with the idea and offered him unrestricted access to all of Cobain's personal and family archives. The documentary features Cobain and Courtney Love's only daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, as a co-executive producer on the film and includes footage from various NIRVANA performances as well as unreleased home movies, recordings, artwork, photography, journals, demos, and songbooks. The title, "Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck", takes its name from a musical collage that was created by Cobain with a four-track cassette recorder in 1988, of which there are two versions; one is about thirty-six minutes long and the other about eight-minutes long. Several of the film's scenes were animated by Stefan Nadelman and Hisko Hulsing. The film was co-produced by HBO Documentary Films and Universal Pictures International Entertainment Content Group. "Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck", also internationally billed as "Cobain: Montage Of Heck", had its world premiere at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. It was released in theaters across the globe by Universal Pictures and premiered on television in the United States in May, following a limited theatrical run. Following its initial global success, Abramorama re-launched Brett Morgen's critically acclaimed documentary, "Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck" in select theaters across the country on August 7.


  • Backstage Tour With WITHIN TEMPTATION's SHARON DEN ADEL (Video)

    In the seven-minute clip below, vocalist Sharon den Adel of Dutch symphonic rockers WITHIN TEMPTATION offers a backstage tour of one of the band's Dutch shows in early 2015. WITHIN TEMPTATION released a new live DVD/Blu-ray/2CD, "Let Us Burn - Elements & Hydra Live In Concert", on November 14, 2014. The set features two of WITHIN TEMPTATION's most-talked-about arena shows ever. The two dates are 2012's resplendent 15th birthday "Elements" concert and the final night of the "Hydra" European arena tour at Amsterdam's Heineken Music Hall in May 2014. "Let Us Burn - Elements & Hydra Live In Concert" was released in four formats — DVD + 2CD, Blu-ray + 2CD, 2CD, and digital album. The DVD and Blu-ray contain 34 live audio visual tracks in HD, mixed in 5.1 Dolby Surround. The 2CD and digital album comprise 32 live audio tracks. The two shows have a running time total of approximately 170 minutes.

  • OPETH's MIKAEL ÅKERFELDT Doesn't Think He Could Work With Any Of His Musical Idols

    Guitaritst/vocalist Mikael Åkerfeldt of Swedish progressive metallers OPETH recently answered a number of fan-submitted questions on a wide range of topics for the video question-and site asQme. Check out the clips below. Asked if he would ever consider putting together a supergroup to record a new album, Mikael responded: "I'm not sure if that's for me, to be honest. I think the band today is as good as it gets for me. I don't really have any wishes to work with anyone. Of course, I have idols, heroes of mine that I look up to, but I don't think I could work with them… One of my heroes is Ritchie Blackmore [RAINBOW, DEEP PURPLE], but I couldn't work with him. What am I gonna do? I'm gonna tell him I have a riff? It doesn't work like that. So I'm not sure what to answer to that question." During an interview with Australia's The Rockpit, Mikael spoke about the sharp musical turn OPETH took with 2011's "Heritage" album and its follow-up release, 2014's "Pale Communion". He said: "I do understand and appreciate that 'Heritage' was a little bit of a shock to fans who are more into the heavy, death metal type of sound, and maybe it's a bit much to expect them to take it all in so we got a bit of shit for that record. I love that album with a passion, because, for me, it was natural, but I have seen that with the coming of the 'Pale Communion' record that people come up to me and say, 'I did not like 'Heritage' when it came out, but when you put out 'Pale Communion', I finally understood 'Heritage' and now I'm starting to like it.' So I'm hoping it's going to escalate into a love for that record." He continued: "People have been more gentle with us with 'Pale Communion' coming out, but there is still... Like, I don't have social media, I don't correspond with the fans in that sense, so I don't really get a lot of the confrontations about what the hell we are doing. My overall response to that question would be that people might be getting used to and maybe understand a little bit better about what we are trying to do. And, for me, that is good, of course. I never had a problem. For me, it was never a big step. For everybody in the band, it was not a massive thing for us to do 'Heritage', but I do accept that it might have been too curvy of a curveball for people who are not in the band, but now it's starting to calm down a little bit."