• BEHEMOTH's NERGAL Says Many Of Today's Extreme Metal Bands Lack 'Rock Spirit'

    EMP Rock Invasion earlier in the year conducted an interview with guitarist/vocalist Adam "Nergal" Darski of Polish extreme metallers BEHEMOTH. You can now watch the chat below. Speaking about BEHEMOTH's propensity for writing music that, despite its extreme nature, possesses a lot of "hooks," Darski said: "I like hooks. I mean, we all [grew up on] rock and roll, and I like rock and roll song structures." He continued: "I'm officially [an] anti-fan of today's extreme metal bands that are just taking part in this rat race, trying to play as many notes as they can, play as many arpeggios within three-minute-long songs as they can, and it's just missing hooks, it's just missing the point. There is no rock spirit within the music." Asked what defines "rock spirit" for him, Darski said: "Balls. There's balls in riffs and in the songwriting and in the approach. I don't think it's definable. It's either there or it's not, and I'm sure that [BEHEMOTH's latest album] 'The Satanist' has a lot of balls." BEHEMOTH released a limited-edition, hand-numbered 12-inch EP called "Xiadz" in November. The EP was made avaialble in three vinyl colors. "Xiadz" is strictly limited to 500 vinyl copies worldwide and was not made available on CD. Black vinyl, black-gold splatter, and gold vinyl gatefold, 180-gram editions containing the previously unreleased tracks "Xiadz" and "Towards The Dying Sun We March", as well as a re-recorded version of "Moonspell Rites" were made available to order at this location. BEHEMOTH's latest album, "The Satanist", sold around 10,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 34 on The Billboard 200 chart. The band's ninth full-length studio CD, 2009's "Evangelion", opened with around 8,500 units to land at No. 56. "The Satanist" was released on February 3 in the U.K., February 4 in North America and Poland, February 5 in Japan, and February 7 in the rest of the world.

  • STEEL PANTHER: Acoustic Performance Of Christmas Track 'The Stocking Song'

    UK's Metal Hammer magazine has uploaded professionally filmed video footage of Los Angeles glam-metal jokesters STEEL PANTHER performing their first-ever original Christmas track, "The Stocking Song", on Monday, December 8 at the 12 Bar Club in London, England. Check it out below. Featuring STEEL PANTHER's signature hooks and naughty take on the holiday season, "The Stocking Song" is available for purchase on iTunes and on Amazon. "We bring happiness to millions of people around the world. Why not during the holidays?" frontman Michael Starr tells Billboard.com. "We love to spread the love. The holiday season is the best time to pick up strippers at a strip club. The ones that are working on Christmas Eve usually have no family and are really lonely. So it's super easy to take them home and do some kissin' underneath the camel toe." Adds bassist Lexxi Foxx, "I like the holidays — I like to call them the highlidays. I'm definitely a Christmas kind of guy. For me, it snows all year 'round, if you know what I'm talking about. There's always a bunch of snow, so I'm down with the holiday season. So when you listen to the song it's about all kinds of cool presents you can get your chicks, or a chick, all kinds of bits and stocking stuffers that only we would think of." Having just wrapped a highly successful run as main support for JUDAS PRIEST in North America last month, STEEL PANTHER will now head out on a North American headlining run beginning this week in Charlotte, North Carolina at The Fillmore. Following the North American headlining dates, the band will be play a series of "Threesomes", two three-night residencies, one in their hometown of Los Angeles and the other in nearby Las Vegas, at the cities' respective House Of Blues venues in February. STEEL PANTHER's third album, "All You Can Eat", sold around 13,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 24 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD arrived in stores on April 1 via Open E/KLS.

  • JEFF SCOTT SOTO Launches SOTO Band, Prepares To Release 'Inside The Vertigo' Album

    Jeff Scott Soto — one of today's premier rock frontmen and vocalists — and a union of hotshot young musicians bring you a slamming blend of melody and muscle in some of the freshest power metal to surface in years present. Together they are SOTO, and their debut album, "Inside The Vertigo", will blow your mind away. Due on January 30, 2015 on earMUSIC, the CD is described in a press release as "a neurotic blend of power metal, prog, groove-laden huge guitars, hooks and production." Jeff explains: "I've been in the game for a long time but my roots started more on the heavier side of the tracks, I thought it was about time I came home to visit the family and stick around for a while!" SOTO is comprised of Jeff's most current solo band: Jorge Salan (lead guitar), BJ (keyboards, guitars), David Z (bass) and Edu Cominato (drums). Soto adds: "These guys come from different parts of the world and bring their own influence to make this band very special. From the U.S. to Europe to South America, we have an exciting mix of style and prestige that keeps us all on our toes." Jeff adds: "The past five or more years have propelled me a plethora of anger and frustration; I'm actually quite pissed off about a lot of things. SOTO is my outlet to release some of this pent-up emotion. "We realize there are a lot of folks young and old who may be sharing these thoughts, so this is especially for them, too. "We're not reinventing the wheel here, we're just creating an outlet for where our hearts are both musically and mentally… I'm just not in a 'touch your golden hair' mood right now!" Produced by Jeff Scott Soto, "Inside The Vertigo" features tracks co-written with his bandmates as well as a of his famous friends/colleagues. Collaborators include guitarists Gus G. (FIREWIND, OZZY OSBOURNE), Jason Bieler (SAIGON KICK), Mike Orlando (ADRENALINE MOB) and Joel Hoekstra (NIGHT RANGER, TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA), all of whom perform on their penned tracks for the album. Others appearing as guests/co-writers are Casey Grillo (KAMELOT), Connor Engstrom, Tony Dickinson, Leo Mancini, Hugo Mariutti and Gary Schutt. "Inside The Vertigo" was recorded during the latter months of 2013 and mixed/mastered in Boston by Soto's longtime engineer and friend John Ellis. "Everyone from John to my amazing co-writers to some of my bandmates, especially Edu, who was extremely instrumental in helping me stay on course musically, get overall credit for creating this album," Jeff says. "I oversaw it as a whole, knowing the vision I wanted to capture, but I truly had a lot of help from my bros that appear on this masterpiece!'' The release of the album intentionally coincides with the birth date of Soto's fallen colleague and dear friend Marcel Jacob of TALISMAN. "Inside The Vertigo" track listing: 01. Final Say 02. The Fall 03. Wrath 04. Break 05. Narcissistically Yours 06. End of Days 07. Inside The Vertigo 08. When I'm Older 09. Trance 10. Jealousy 11. Karma's Kiss 12. Fall To Pieces The official lyric video for the song "The Fall" can be seen below.



    FLOTSAM AND JETSAM has announced the addition of drummer Jason Bitter (SHADOWS FALL) to the group's ranks. Bittner joins the veteran Arizona metallers as the replacement for Kelly Smith, who recently left the band to focus on family matters. Being as Kelly's need to move on wasn't a band decision, FLOTSAM first looked to drummers that Kelly himself would want to see perform with the band. "In my opinion, Jason in one of only a couple of men on my short list for the job," states Kelly. "Jason's an amazing all-around drummer, a true professional, good friend, and solid stand-up guy. "I was humbled to hear, after first meeting Jason in 1988 in Boston, that I had inspired him as a drummer." Says Jason: "I have been a FLOTSAM AND JETSAM fan for decades, following the band around the East Coast in the eighties and nineties. "I've been lucky enough to be in the background of the FLOTSAM AND JETSAM camp as a fan, supporter, and gear leader to my dear friend, Kelly David Smith. "I am hard at work relearning all the classic FLOTZ material and can't wait to record and tour with the band in 2015. "This will become my focus after the completion of the 2015 U.S. SHADOWS FALL hiatus tour, which will happen spring/summer 2015. "As they say… 'Flotz 'till death!' See you in Europe, in April." As FLOTSAM prepares to enter the studio to record its next album — tentatively due in April 2015 — Jason's involvement will add a new element to the band's sound, along with the addition of Steve Conley on guitar and Michael Spencer (who previously contributed to the writing of the band's classic 1988 release, "No Place For Disgrace") on bass. "The band already has over 20 songs in the works, so there's certainly no shortage of material to pick from," says Spencer. "Conley, along with guitarist Michael Gilbert, have been engineering pre-production tracks for the album at their respective studios that include a few songs written during the 'No Place For Disgrace' era of the band. "There's a great, old-school thrash vibe going on with the direction of the songs and what originally influenced the band, mixed with a little of what we like about today's sound, in metal. We've also just begun to look outside of the band for a producer to take this album to where we hear it sonically, so we'll see where that side of things goes." FLOTSAM is currently finalizing plans to tour Europe in the spring of 2015, with summer festival dates planned throughout Europe and beyond.

  • IN FLAMES Frontman ANDERS FRIDÉN: 'This Is My Hobby That Turned Into My Work'

    Sami Jarroush of the Rock It Out! Blog and Consequence Of Sound recently conducted an interview with vocalist Anders Fridén of Swedish metallers IN FLAMES. You can now watch the chat below. A couple of excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET). On whether he has days when he feels like quitting playing music: Anders: "That happens to everyone, in whatever you do, whatever you work with. If you work [at] a post office, if you work as an engineer, or somewhere else, you have a bad day here and there, and that happens. But this is my hobby that turned into my work, and I fucking love it. I'm super grateful that I can travel the world and play my music and can touch people all over the place with our art. So it's awesome, and you've gotta realize that. When you're feeling down and you feel, 'Ah, I'm so exhausted,' and, 'I hate this,' whatever, then you've gotta realize what you're doing. I don't have to be in a factory, I don't have to go to the bank, I don't have to… I can play rock and roll and drink. [Laughs] And I can have a good fucking time at the same time and meet awesome people all over the place. So I'm super stoked that we still have this feeling, this spirit within the band after all these years." On whether it gets to be a chore having to do certain things that are involved in running a successful band: Anders: "We never felt we have to do anything. We don't have anyone around us that says, 'You have to do this.' We are masters of our own thing. So we don't have any record company that forces us [to do anything]; we don't have any management that forces us. We are the ones that are in control all the time. And all the steps that we've made, it's on our own. It's what we do. And I'm super happy with where we are right now, with the steps that we've made. I love our history and all the things we've done to date." On whether there is a certain accomplishment that would signify the "endgame" for him as it relates to being in IN FLAMES: Anders: "No. It's when I lose it; that's the endgame. When I don't feel like this is the greatest thing in the whole world, when I walk off stage and this doesn't give me anything and there is no upside in this one, then it's time to quit. But right now we love recording albums and we love playing live. So that's it. That's what we do." IN FLAMES' new album, "Siren Charms", sold around 9,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 26 on The Billboard 200 chart. Issued in the U.S. on September 9 via Sony/RED, the CD was recorded at Hansa Tonstudios (DAVID BOWIE, DEPECHE MODE, U2) in Berlin, Germany. The cover artwork was created by Blake Armstrong of Space Boy Comics.

  • APOCALYPTICA: Video For Title Track Of 'Shadowmaker' Album

    The official video for "Shadowmaker", the title track of the upcoming album from Finnish cello rockers APOCALYPTICA, can be seen below. The CD will be released in April 2015 via Eleven Seven Music Group in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East and South East Asia. APOCALYPTICA's new album was helmed Grammy Award-winning producer Nick Raskulinecz (FOO FIGHTERS, DEFTONES, MASTODON). APOCALYPTICA's Eicca Toppinen states: "Nothing better could have happened than Nick being on board for this record. The pre-production time we spent with him in late August gave us so much confidence and input for the new songs. We are all excited and overwhelmed by his energy and creativity." Having collaborated with artists like Gavin Rossdale (BUSH), Dave Lombardo (SLAYER) and Ville Valo (HIM) on past studio albums, APOCALYPTICA have now taken on a new musical challenge: For the upcoming LP, the band worked with Franky Perez as exclusive singer on the vocal tracks — this time not only during production, but for the whole cycle, including the tour. Perez released his debut in 2003, later teaming up with SYSTEM OF A DOWN's Daron Malakian and John Dolmayan as SCARS ON BROADWAY. In 2009, Perez handled vocals for Slash's solo band, followed by collaborations with Dave Kushner (VELVET REVOLVER) as well as Scott Shriner (WEEZER), Joey Castillo (QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE) and Dave Warren ("The Simpsons") as PUSHER JONES. After being honored as vocalist for THE DOORS at the L.A. Sunset Strip Music Festival, he released his latest solo album, "Addict", in 2013. Before APOCALYPTICA presents the new album, along with a new production on an extensive European headline tour later next year, fans will get a glimpse of the new material when the band supports SIXX: A.M. for their long-awaited North American dates in the spring.


  • ANTHRAX's SCOTT IAN: 'The People Buying Records Are Young Girls And Older People'

    ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian has responded further to KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons' recent comment that "rock is dead." Simmons told Esquire magazine in September — in an interview conducted by his son Nick — that "rock did not die of old age. It was murdered. Some brilliance, somewhere, was going to be expressed and now it won't because it's that much harder to earn a living playing and writing songs. No one will pay you to do it." Simmons went on to elaborate that as a result of file-sharing and other issues, record label support for rock music was not available like it was when KISS was coming up, concluding, "It's finally dead. Rock is finally dead." Asked to weigh in on Gene's comments, Ian told Ultimate Classic Rock (see video below): "There's a lot right in what he's saying. I disagree in the fact that I don't believe rock is actually dead. What he's saying about the industry will not allow for the next LED ZEPPELIN and things like that, I do agree with that, to an extent, because the industry is not what it was. There is no industry anymore that signs bands to develop them over a course of five records, like it was in the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties, and then that all went away in the Nineties. So for a band these days to get to make five albums until they… Bands don't sell records anymore, so the whole idea of that even is out the window; just the whole model has changed and it has to change, because people steal music now.' He continued: "If people still bought records, then maybe there would be labels that would be willing to spend the money to develop a band and allow a band or an artist to make five albums until they were selling gold, but it just doesn't exist anymore. And until people stop stealing music, it will never exist. So he definitely hits the nail on the head — some of the stuff he's talking about. But I also think that as long as there's a band out there playing music from their gut, rock will never die. Not everybody on the planet wants what the media forcefeeds them, not everybody cares about the next sixteen-year-old pop sensation. That's for the girls who actually buy music; that's what's scary." Ian added: "I'm going off on a little bit of a tangent, but it's true: the people buying records are young girls and older people, who buy country and Adele. That's people who buy records, because they don't even know how to steal an album. So the fact that the record labels, basically, are running their businesses on the taste of fourteen-year-old girls, that shows you why the stuff that's big is big, because that's who's spending money. So if fourteen-year-old girls would start buying rock records, everything would change… as they did in the sixties… in the fifties and the sixties. "I think there is a shift; little by little, you just see it. I mean, look, we're a band that's kind of transcended all this crap since the eighties. Same with METALLICA, same with SLAYER, same with KISS, same with AC/DC and IRON MAIDEN… I could list, from here for the next ten minutes, I could reel off bands that are still doing it the same way they've done it forever and still having success, because we've built it on a different foundation, without radio and without MTV support, when they played music. People come to see us because we make good records and we're a great live band, and they will continue coming to see us, and we make new generations of fans every year. For the newer bands, I understand why it's next to impossible these days to break through and get someone to give a shit; I see how that could be harder than ever."

  • Exclusive: Former MEGADETH Members BRODERICK And DROVER Join Forces With Ex-SCAR THE MARTYR Singer

    Former SCAR THE MARTYR singer Henry Derek Bonner (pictured) has joined the as-yet-unnamed new band formed by ex-MEGADETH members Chris Broderick (guitar) and Shawn Drover (drums), BLABBERMOUTH.NET can exclusively reveal. During an interview with SiriusXM's Jose Mangin on this past Wednesday night's (December 17) edition of Liquid Metal's "666-LIVE" call-in show, Broderick stated about how his new group came together: "Through talking with Shawn Drover, we've talked about how we had all this material that was never gonna get released, all these killer, heavy riffs that we had written and stuff, and so we just decided, 'Hey, why don't we put the stuff out? Why don't we form a band and get out these killer riffs, just to see what people think?' So we formed a band, we're working with a killer singer — he's awesome — and we've got record labels that have made some good offers on the table, and we're really excited about where that's gonna go." Asked whether the new band has a name, Chris said: "Here's the funny thing: we have many names. But the problem today is that there are so many bands out there that the first thing we've gotta do is run them by trademark and make sure that we can get… We don't wanna run into the 'GHOST' and the 'GHOST B.C.' issue, right?! So we're looking into trademarks on the names, and I would love to tell you, but we wanna save some of it for our official press release, and we'll talk about the singer then, and we'll have the record label on board by then." Regarding whether the musical ideas that are being used in the new band are things that were originally presented to MEGADETH and were turned down or if they are brand new compositions, Chris said: "Some of them were presented, but then some of them also… I'd be, like, 'Oh, this isn't appropriate for MEGADETH, their sound.' I have a tendency to write very complex stuff, and so I've gotta watch it when I write and submit for MEGADETH under that kind of… I wanna make sure it's not too complex and too crazy and all over the place. So those are the things that I would have held back." Bonner released a statement in April claiming that he was leaving SCAR THE MARTYR "due to personal differences, artistic direction and a slew of business decisions that I cannot simply ignore." He added: "I've given it a year of my life and now it's time to move on. I will continue making music in many forms as well as pursuing a new band with King (GOD SEED) and Jeff Friedl (A PERFECT CIRCLE)." SCAR THE MARTYR's self-titled debut album sold around 3,300 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 129 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD was made available on October 1, 2013 via Roadrunner Records. In addition to Bonner and former SLIPKNOT drummer Joey Jordison, SCAR THE MARTYR's most recent touring lineup included guitarists Jed Simon (STRAPPING YOUNG LAD) and Kris Norris (DARKEST HOUR), keyboardist Joey Blush and bassist Kyle Konkiel (IN THIS MOMENT).

  • LEPROUS: New Album Update

    Norwegian progressive metallers LEPROUS are back in the studio working on the follow-up album to 2013's acclaimed album "Coal". The as-yet-untitled new CD is scheduled for a May 2015 release via InsideOut Music. Says LEPROUS in a statement: "We're super stoked about the new material we have composed. It's not really 'Coal' material, following our mantra about not making the same album twice. "The writing process has been very different this time. Most of the music has been made by Einar, on a computer. Almost all the guitar riffs, for example (and Einar has no idea about how to play guitar…), so the guitar players were up for a challenge. "At the moment, we're finished recording drums, and Baard has delivered a stunning performance, so now it's time for the rest of us to lay down the guitars, bass and keys, before we round the whole thing up with vocals-recordings in the beginning of the New Year. "Mixing and mastering will take place in late January, so we expect a release in May, but all of that is up to our label. Right now, we're just concentrating on doing our part to perfection." LEPROUS recorded the drums for the new album at Sweden's Fascination Street / Studio Gröndal with David Castillo (KATATONIA, OPETH) and will — just like on "Coal" and its predecessor, "Bilateral" — be mixing the album with Jens Bogren at Fascination Street. Extensive touring plans are already in the works for LEPROUS and will be revealed soon.

  • MARILYN MANSON: 'Deep Six' Video Released

    MARILYN MANSON will release his new album, "The Pale Emperor", on January 19, 2015 via the shock rocker's own label — Hell, etc. — in a joint venture with Cooking Vinyl. Manson collaborated on the new album, his first in over two years, with noted film composer/producer Tyler Bates ("Guardians Of The Galaxy", "300", "The Watchmen"). Bates will also join Manson as a member of his band on the upcoming American "The Hell Not Hallelujah Tour", which kicks off January 21, 2015 in Washington D.C. Manson's band on the national headlining tour also includes longtime bassist Twiggy Ramirez, Gil Sharone on drums and Paul Wiley on guitar. The track listing for "The Pale Emperor" is as follows: 01. Killing Strangers 02. Deep Six 03. Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge 04. The Mephistopheles Of Los Angeles 05. Warship My Wreck 06. Slave Only Dreams To Be King 07. The Devil Beneath My Feet 08. Birds Of Hell Awaiting 09. Cupid Carries A Gun 10. Odds Of Even 11. Day 3 (deluxe edition only) 12. Fated, Faithful, Fatal (deluxe edition only) 13. Fall Of The House Of Death (deluxe edition only) The official video for the song "Deep Six" can be seen below. The clip was directed by surrealist artist Bart Hess. Manson was cast in a recurring role in the hit FX series "Sons Of Anarchy". Manson plays Ron Tully, a "white supremacist prison shot-caller" who Charlie Hunnam's character, "Sons Of Anarchy" president Jax, uses to expand his power base during the show's seventh season. Manson has been steadily working his way into television in the past couple of years, making appearances on Showtime's "Californication", the Sundance Channel's "Wrong Cops" and HBO's "Eastbound & Down", along with voicing a demonic character on ABC's "Once Upon A Time". The singer made his TV scoring debut in April with the song "Cupid Carries A Gun", heard on the new WGN series "Salem". Manson told The Hollywood Reporter that the track "was the last track we just finished for my new album," adding "I liked the themes of 'Salem'. It looks at the witch trials without being cliche like most modern films." Manson's most recent full-length CD, "Born Villain", his eighth overall, debuted in the Top 10 on The Billboard 200 chart. The effort earned the singer his fourth Grammy nomination at the 2013 Grammys in the Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance" category for the album's lead single, "No Reflection".


  • MELECHESH: 'Multiple Truths' Lyric Video

    Mesopotamian black/thrash pioneers MELECHESH will release their new album, "Enki", on March 10, 2015 via Nuclear Blast. The follow-up to 2010's "The Epigenesis" was recorded in Greece by Giorgos Bokos (ROTTING CHRIST) while Jonas Kjellgren (IMMORTAL, LEGION OF THE DAMNED, OVERKILL, HYPOCRISY) took care of the mix and mastering at his Black Lounge Studios in Sweden. "Enki" also features guest appearances by Max Cavalera (SOULFLY, SEPULTURA) and Sakis Tolis (ROTTING CHRIST) on vocals as well Rob Caggiano (VOLBEAT, ANTHRAX) on lead guitar. The lyric video for the song "Multiple Truths" can be seen below. Commented MELECHESH mainman, singer and guitarist Ashmedi: "I am flattered and honored to have esteemed guests appear on this multifaceted album. "'Enki' solicited different approaches and new experiences. "Max is a lion. I love his voice and the tribal and historic parallels of our lives are uncanny. He did an amazing job on 'Lost Tribes'. "Sakis is an old friend and we toured together in the past. His voice added another dimension of mysticism on our 'Enki - Divine Nature Awoken'. "Rob and I always wanted to collaborate and he is an agile and excellent guitar player so the lead he did on 'The Palm, The Eye And Lapis Lazuli' was perfect. It rocks and serves the track well. "They all did an outstanding job and went above and beyond to make it happen despite their busy schedules. "MELECHESH is more than a band — it is a society!" Added Caggiano: "I've been a fan of MELECHESH for a while now and it was an honor for me to play a solo on their new album!! These guys sound like nothing else out there!" Says Cavalera: "I was very honored that MELECHESH asked me to sing on their new album! I'm a big fan and I think 'The Epigenesis' is one of the greatest extreme metal records ever done! I love the fact that they come from a different part of the world like me. So our worlds finally collide! Long live MELECHESH!" States Tolis: "When I was told that our brother band MELECHESH would record their upcoming album in my hometown, I immediately picked up the phone and called Ashmedi to participate somehow. Ashmedi responded positively so I was ready to raise some serious hell... It is very interesting since we are sharing the same Mediteranean mentality as individuals. "I believe this new album is one of the most unique and atmospheric metal albums I have heard the last years. "Ashmedi took me to their majestic oriental path and showed me the way to tne new Babylon. "I am definitely proud working with the Kings of Fire and I really recommend to check new MELECHESH album — it is really good!" "Enki" can be pre-ordered in various formats (digipack, various vinyl colors), including a special t-shirt bundle, at this location. "Enki" track listing: 01. Tempest Temper Enlil Enraged 02. The Pendulum Speaks 03. Lost Tribes 04. Multiple Truths 05. Enki - Divine Nature Awoken 06. Metatron And Man 07. The Palm The Eye And Lapis Lazuli 08. Doorways To Irkala 09. The Outsiders Almost all of the music and lyrics was again written and produced by MELECHESH mainman Ashmedi. MELECHESH spent one month in its rehearsal room in Hinzweiler, Germany preparing the material before entering the recording studio in Athens, Greece. The band wanted a Mediterranean place to capture the essence of the band’s origins. With so many nationalities in the band, MELECHESH have become more comfortable at being labelled as an act from planet earth or just Jerusalem without adhering to any man-made virtual borders. To the band, this is metaphorical rebellion. Said Ashmedi: "For the artwork we collaborated again with John Coulthart, who has done our previous two album covers. "The art reflects the dynamics of the album and the world of MELECHESH: order and chaos. It amalgamates several spiritual, cultural and mythological concepts from the Near/Middle East and our lyrical aspects. Again, it was based in the golden ratio which for the purpose of this album seemed suitable. The pillars featured here are a continuation from the previous album and lead to a path of knowledge. John always manages to capture the essence of MELECHESH."


  • ZAKK WYLDE Interviewed By NIKKI SIXX (Audio)

    Zakk Wylde (BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, OZZY OSBOURNE) was interviewed on a recent edition of the "Sixx Sense" radio show hosted by MÖTLEY CRÜE and SIXX: A.M. bassist Nikki Sixx. You can now listen to the chat below. BLACK LABEL SOCIETY's new studio album, "Catacombs Of The Black Vatican", sold around 26,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 5 on The Billboard 200 chart. "Catacombs Of The Black Vatican" was released in Europe on April 7 via Mascot Label Group and one day later in North America through eOne Music. BLACK LABEL SOCIETY recently amicably parted ways with longtime guitarist Nick Catanese and replaced him with Dario Lorina (LIZZY BORDEN). BLACK LABEL SOCIETYs' "Angel Of Mercy" video was directed by longtime collaborator Justin Reich of the Antimatter Studio. The clip depicts a stripped down version of the wall of sound that is widely associated with the band.

  • URIAH HEEP: 'Live At Koko, London 2014' Details Revealed

    Frontiers Music Srl will release URIAH HEEP's newest live album, titled "Live At Koko, London 2014", on February 20, 2015 in Europe and February 24 in North America. In January 2011, URIAH HEEP entered the studio to record "Into The Wild" and the band once again returned to the road for a worldwide tour. The group played in front of nearly 150,000 people in 58 different countries. On March 4, 2014, URIAH HEEP played in front of its "home" audience in London and performed an amazing show which was recorded in HD for a release in double CD/DVD and, for the first time, on Blu-ray. "Recording a live DVD in London at Koko's was just fantastic. Our fans travelled from all over the world to be there, and be part of this magic night," says guitarist Mick Box. "This added so much to the atmosphere, and thankfully it was captured on camera. We debuted two songs from our new CD, 'Outsider', that night, and the reaction was just incredible, proving that we have the best fans in the world." Originally founded by vocalist David Byron and guitarist Mick Box, URIAH HEEP has been through an incredible number of permutations, with Box always at the helm. Longstanding keyboard player Phil Lanzon and vocalist Bernie Shaw were recruited nearly thirty years ago in 1986. Drummer Russell Gilbrook who has now been with the band seven years, has recorded studio albums "Wake The Sleeper", "Into The Wild" and "Outsider". "Wake The Sleeper" heralded an exciting new phase for the band, taking HEEP's classic sound right into the future. The band celebrated its 40th anniversary with an aptly titled greatest-hits re-recordings album called "Celebration". Dave Rimmer, who had been standing in for Trevor Bolder (ex-David Bowie's SPIDERS FROM MARS), continues as the bassist, with the band's diary for the foreseeable future as full as ever. "Live At Koko, London 2014" track listing: CD1: 01. Against The Odds 02. Overload 03. Traveller In Time 04. Sunrise 05. Stealin' 06. I'm Ready 07. Between Two Worlds 08. Can't Take That Away 09. One Minute 10. Nail On The Head CD2: 01. Into The Wild 02. Gypsy 03. Look At Yourself 04. Box Wah Box 05. July Morning 06. Lady In Black 07. Free 'N' Easy 08. Easy Livin' DVD/Blu-ray: 01. Against The Odds 02. Overload 03. Traveller In Time 04. Sunrise 05. Stealin' 06. I'm Ready 07. Between Two Worlds 08. Can't Take That Away 09. One Minute 10. Nail On The Head 11. Into The Wild 12. Gypsy 13. Look At Yourself 14. Box Wah Box 15. July Morning 16. Lady In Black 17. Free 'N' Easy 18. Easy Livin'

    uriahheepliveatkokocddeluxe uriahheepliveatkokodvd

  • LED ZEPPELIN, PINK FLOYD And AC/DC LP Designers Publish Deluxe Book 'Hipgnosis Portraits'

    According to The Pulse Of Radio, newly published is "Hipgnosis Portraits", by longtime PINK FLOYD collaborator and video director Aubrey "Po" Powell. Powell and his late partner Storm Thorgerson, conceived and created legendary and timeless album and singles covers for PINK FLOYD, LED ZEPPELIN, Peter Gabriel, Paul McCartney & WINGS, YES, SCORPIONS, AC/DC, Peter Frampton, BLACK SABBATH, STYX, 10CC and countless others. Robert Plant supplies the book's foreword. With "Hipgnosis Portraits", Powell revisits the team's archives — including images from 156 negatives that laid untouched in an old file for 43 years — and puts an end to the many myths that surround classic rock albums of the 1960s, '70s, and '80s. Among the more interesting revelations in the book is Hipgnosis' original unused and unfinished 1973 design for THE ROLLING STONES' "Goats Head Soup". Powell explained that the company's work, spearheaded by himself and Thorgerson, played on each other's strengths. "Well, Hipgnosis worked as an art house," he said. "Storm and I were the main designers for that company — but we employed other people to cop me and work with us. And so, when we wanted something done, it had to be done in our way; exactly right, but we couldn't do everything. I mean, I'm not an illustrator, I'm not a guy who does graphics; I'm a guy who looks through a camera and knows about composition, and with Storm, knew what a great idea was. So, we had to share the load. So we began to creative our own style." hipgnosisportraitsbook

  • HINDER: 'When The Smoke Clears' Album Artwork Unveiled

    Oklahoma City rockers HINDER will release their new full-length album, "When The Smoke Clears", on March 3 via The End Records/ADA. Since releasing "Hit The Ground", the first single off their fifth studio album, the hard-rocking quintet has received an outpouring of support from their fans as well as Active Rock radio, garnering eighteen station adds to date. "This is the album HINDER fans have been waiting for and they won't be disappointed," says drummer Cody Hanson. "We spent a year writing this and we couldn’t be more excited for the world to hear it." "When The Smoke Clears" is now available for pre-order via The Omega Order in multiple configurations, including an exclusive vinyl bundle offering the following: "When The Smoke Clears" LP/T-Shirt/Flask/Bottle Opener Bundle * "When The Smoke Clears" LP (smoke colored vinyl) * Exclusive HINDER T-shirt * Stainless steel HINDER flask * Stainless steel HINDER credit card bottle opener * Download card for the full album Joe "Blower" Garvey, Mark King, Mike Rodden and Cody Hanson entered the studio with their new singer as of 2013, Nolan Neal, in the spring to record a brand new effort that was co-produced by Hanson and Marshal Dutton. There were no boundaries, and every idea was fair game throughout the process. Hanson says, "We like to think we can do anything. We don't want to be stuck in a rut with one type of sound or formula. One song might have a country influence, while another might have a pop influence. Then there are some heavy metal moments. "We have every element covered on this record. You've got to do what's best for the song." After nearly a decade, HINDER are stronger than ever. Hanson concludes: "This band was built around a strong core of hard work and friendship. Like it or not, we're going to be around for a long time." Combining raw riffs with big hooks and vocal harmonies, HINDER takes its cues from rock legends such as AEROSMITH, AC/DC, KISS and GUNS N' ROSES, and update them with modern guitar sounds. HINDER parted ways with singer Austin Winkler in November 2013. Winkler left the lineup during a tour earlier last year for what was said to be "personal reasons," although it was later confirmed that the hard-partying vocalist had entered rehab for the second time in his career. Jared Weeks from SAVING ABEL filled in for Winkler on what was then a temporary basis. HINDER spent much of 2013 on the road in support of its fourth album, "Welcome To The Freakshow", which came out in 2012. hinderwhenthesmokecd

  • KID ROCK Unveils More Details Of New Album, 'First Kiss' Campaign

    According to The Pulse Of Radio, Kid Rock has unveiled more details about his upcoming tenth studio album, "First Kiss", which is due out February 24. You can pre-order the record now at Rock's web site and other participating retailers, and all pre-order buyers will be eligible after fan club members for pre-sales ticket access to Rock's 2015 U.S. headlining tour. Rock told The Pulse Of Radio a while back that record sales are less important to him now than touring and playing live. "At this point it's about putting people in seats, you know," he said. "It's about live. We've seen this. The days of making money selling records like we were used to when it first came out are not there — and I'm not necessarily upset about that. To me, live is everything, always has been." The title track will be sent to those who pre-order — the album beginning January 6, the same day the song's video will arrive. Rock plans to share the lyrics to a new song from the album every Monday on his website leading up to the release date. Rock is also encouraging fans to share photos of their "first kiss" of the New Year by posting them to Twitter or Instagram using #KidRockFirstKiss as the hashtag. The best shots will be made into a short video preview of "First Kiss" that will debut on January 5. All the photos will be on display at Rock's web site beginning January 1. The new disc follows up 2012's "Rebel Soul" and was recorded at Rock's own home studio in Michigan. kidrockfirstkisscd_638

  • JORN LANDE And TROND HOLTER: Teaser For 'Walking On Water' Video

    Frontiers Music Srl will release a new album written and performed by the two Norwegian rock musicians Jorn Lande and Trond Holter, titled DRACULA "Swing Of Death", on January 23 in Europe and January 27 in North America. This exciting concept album was inspired by the life of Count Vlad III, Prince Of Wallachia, widely known as Vlad The Impaler or by his patronymic name Vlad Dracul(a). The whole story explores the inner struggle inside the multifaceted and engorging character that this mysterious 15th Century personality was, while also taking into account some of the metaphysical aspects that passed into literature, forming the whole basis of the vampire mythos. Jorn Lande — who impersonates Dracula — is the main character of the album and the female parts are sung by Norwegian singer Lena Fløitmoen (representing Mina/Lucy from the Bram Stoker book). The drama of the story reveals Dracula's inner battle, where he still remembers what true love was, and as he wandered the Earth for centuries with a thirst for blood, his loneliness and desire to be able to love again has led him to the brink of insanity. In the original Bram Stoker version, he leaves Transylvania by ship and when he meets Lucy's best friend, she reminds him so much of his first love Mina, that he becomes obsessed. His mission is to take her as his bride, and make her Queen of the dark. Musically, "Swing Of Death" is not like a typical rock opera or musical, since it has no storyteller or too many long instrumental parts and intros. It is an album that gets to the point with no detours and even if it exposes some diverse musical landscapes, it does include catchy and melodic songs with commercial radio potential. Vocally, this release gives you everything from Jorn Lande's past extensive catalogue all in one album. Jorn's ability to be innovative and original while at the same time showing where his roots came from, is truly unique. Jorn and Trond's musical influence when creating this epic masterpiece came mostly from '70s-era MEAT LOAF, QUEEN, ALICE COOPER, plus some other classic and more contemporary hard rock elements. All mixed together with their own modern musical heavy rock style, Dracula "Swing Of Death" is something extraordinary. The lyrics are not limited to the old days of Bram Stoker's era and could easily be a Dracula story of today. DRACULA "Swing Of Death" track listing: 01. Hands Of Your God 02. Walking On Water 03. Swing Of Death 04. Masquerade Ball 05. Save Me 06. River Of Tears 07. Queen Of The Dead 08. Into The Dark 09. True Love Through Blood (instrumental) 10. Under The Gun A teaser for the "Walking On Water" video can be seen below. DRACULA "Swing Of Death" features performances from: * Jorn Lande: Lead Vocals * Trond Holter: Guitars, Piano * Bernt Jansen: Bass * Per Morten Bergseth: Drums * Lena Fløitmoen: Lead and Background Vocals on "Save Me"; "River Of Tears", "Into The Dark", "Under The Gun", plus background vocals on "Swing Of Death"


  • BLIND GUARDIAN: Third 'Beyond The Red Mirror' Trailer

    German power metallers BLIND GUARDIAN will release their tenth studio album, "Beyond The Red Mirror", in Europe on January 30, 2015 and in North America on February 3, 2015 via Nuclear Blast. The third trailer for the album is available below. Four and a half years in the making, the follow-up to 2010's "At The Edge Of Time" was recorded at Twilight Hall Studio in Grefrath, Germany and produced by Charlie Bauerfeind (SAXON, HAMMERFALL, HELLOWEEN). The CD showcases BLIND GUARDIAN's collaborative work with three different classical choirs: one from the Czech Republic (Prague), one from Hungary (Budapest), and one from the United States (Boston). Two grand orchestras — each featuring 90 musicians — also lend their brilliant talents to the new recordings with absolutely spellbinding results. Transporting listeners via a mysteriously powerful red mirror into an otherworldly dimension that includes tyrants, gods, and the Holy Grail, the ten songs comprising "Beyond The Red Mirror"'s story lines revolve around the young protagonist we first met twenty years ago in the 1995 tracks "Bright Eyes" and "And The Story Ends". "A story between science fiction and fantasy," explains Kürsch. "The story begins with our 1995 album, 'Imaginations From The Other Side'. The two worlds described therein have changed dramatically for the worse since then. While there used to be several passages between the worlds, there is only one gate left now: The Red Mirror. It has to be found at any cost." Asked to describe the band's guiding principles for the creation of this new release, BLIND GUARDIAN guitarist André Olbrich shares: “We want to surprise and impress with our music. Nowadays, music tends to be arbitrary and predictable. But we want to keep developing our music.” Opening with a tidal wave of surging emotion courtesy of a spine-tingling choir "Beyond The Red Mirror" unleashes its first gem, "Ninth Wave", a consciousness-expanding palette of landscapes and moods bearing the message of an urgent mission still seeking resolution. Closing with an explosion of heroic harmonies and choral glories with a nine-and-a-half minute, self-contained saga, "Grand Parade" (called "the best song we have ever written" by Olbrich), the grandiose, uplifting, and ingenious storytelling in "Beyond The Red Mirror" is guaranteed to leave you breathless. Come 2015, you will soon experience why BLIND GUARDIAN are so influential in their genre and without equal in the pantheon of heavy metal music. Featuring artwork by longtime collaborator Felipe Machado, "Beyond The Red Mirror" will be available in the following formats: * Jewel Case (10 songs) * Limited Edition Digibook (11 songs) * Double LP gatefold vinyl (11 songs) * Earbook (12 songs plus illustrations, photos, and liner notes) * NB-Mailorder-Earbook (12 songs plus illustrations, photos, liner notes + bonus 10") "Beyond The Red Mirror" is as follows: 01. Ninth Wave 02. Twilight Of The Gods 03. Prophecies 04. At The Edge Of Time 05. Ashes Of Eternity 06. Distant Memories (bonus track on limited editions + vinyl) 07. Holy Grail 08. The Throne 09. Sacred Mind 10. Miracle Machine 11. Grand Parade

    Standard Artwork blindguardianbeyondstandard_638 Earbook/Digibook Artwork blindguardianbeyondearbook_638

  • SCORPIONS To Release 'Return To Forever' Album In February

    German hard rock veterans SCORPIONS will release their new album, "Return To Forever", on February 23 in Europe, according to the band's French fan club Crazyscorps. The track listing for the CD is as follows: 01. Going Out With A Bang 02. We Built This House 03. Rock My Car 04. House Of Cards 05. All For One 06. Rock 'N' Roll Band 07. Catch Your Luck And Play 08. Rollin' Home 09. Hard Rockin' The Place 10. Eye Of The Storm 11. The Scratch 12. Gypsy Life 13. The World We Used To Know (bonus deluxe edition) 14. Dancing With The Moonlight (bonus deluxe edition) 15. When The Truth Is A Lie (bonus deluxe edition) 16. Who We Are (bonus deluxe edition) 17. Delirious (bonus iTunes) Formats: * CD standard: 12 songs, 12 page booklet * Limited edition: 24 page booklet, 4 bonus songs * LP limited edition: Double LP (12 songs) * 50th Birthday box: limited collector's edition with ecobook (16 songs) + 2CD * Audiobook (interviews track by track), t-shirt exclusive, post-card, EP, USB key, pass backstage Speaking to Crazyscorps at the of October 23, SCORPIONS vocalist Klaus Meine stated about the progress of the recording sessions for the band's next studio album: "When we started a few years ago, when we thought about this album, to put out something for our diehard fans, we were thinking about maybe we'd find some good material [from] back in the '80s, and find some old diamonds and pearls [that were never fully fleshed out], and we did. But between 2011 and now, and even this year, the songwriting process has still been strong as a songwriting team. This is something, after so many years, that makes you feel really good about it. Because, with all those anniversaries around, there is hardly [any incentive] to put any music, and that's what we will do. There will be an album out next year, and it's not so much about old material, it's much more about a new album and new stuff, new songs." He continued: "We started [the new album writing process by] going back to the '80s and we picked some songs that were never finished, really, songs with working lyrics only. But some of those were pretty strong compositions, with great energy and stuff. And we picked some of them up. But, in the end, I think, we have a great balance between some of those '80s songs, like this early material — and those songs were never really finished and that was the reason they were never released…. Actually, I think we have two songs from the 'MTV Unplugged' where we said they would be cool if they would be on the album as electric versions, and the rest is all new. And that's a pretty good balance, I think." scorpionsretunrtoforevercd

  • DARK FUNERAL Announces Addition Of Singer HELJARMADR, Bassist NATT

    Long-running Swedish black metallers DARK FUNERAL have announced the addition of frontman Heljarmadr and bassist Natt to the group's ranks. With roots in the second half of the '90s black metal scene and with tentacles in bands such as highly respected GRÁ, DOMGÅRD and CURSED 13 comes Heljarmadr, a raw force from the underground. Known as a fierce frontman, both on stage and on recordings with his previous bands, he will now step up and claim a seat in the throne room of DARK FUNERAL to inflict deep scars and infect wounds in the black metal scene. The name Heljarmadr derives from the old Scandinavian languages, simply meaning "a man belonging to hell." With a lot of experience in the arts of creating dark satanic music, he will play a key role in shaping the future vocal and lyrical direction of DARK FUNERAL. Expect nothing but excellence, pure darkness and uncompromising evil! Treading into this world, Natt has always had a strong, deep interest in music and the arts of the great unknown. Spending time during the nights, exploring the Swedish ancient forests, avoiding the common mass that wanders this simplistic world, made his relations and visions to that which lies beyond, stronger. Before DARK FUNERAL, Natt was a member of the black/thrash metal band ANGREPP where he met his now-close friends Adrian Lawson (ANGREPP, IXXI) and Fredrik Widigs (THE UGLY, MARDUK) and later on joined the deeply devoted black metal act WITHERSHIN. Says Natt: "Since the beginning of my time, here, in this world, there has always been, a strong connection, towards the isolated parts of the soul, a connection within and beyond. A connection to what can not be seen, nor heard. To everything and nothing. To what is, and what is not, and that which lies between. Outside the borders of this life. Beyond, yet within the acausal flame, in the night, I dwell, beyond the broken circle, outside of the causal mundane, yet not." DARK FUNERAL's new video, "Nail Them To The Cross", can be seen below. The song was recorded at Dugout Studios in Uppsala, Sweden and was mixed and mastered by Daniel Bergstrand. The clip was directed by Owe Lingvall. A strictly limited seven-inch single including "Nail Them To The Cross" and another new track will be released in early 2015. In 2012, DARK FUNERAL signed a worldwide deal with Century Media Records. DARK FUNERAL celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2013 with a number of festival appearances all over Europe. They were joined at the gigs by their "classic" vocalist Emperor Magus Caligula, who left the band on good terms for personal reasons in 2010. Formed in 1993 by Lord Ahriman, the band quickly gained massive underground support by being one of the most ferocious and fastest black metal acts on earth. Since then, they have spread their unholy gospel over the whole world and build up a loyal cult following from the coldest parts of the northern hemisphere to the hottest hell of Asia. After an extensive and exhausting tour through Asia and Australia in late 2012, DARK FUNERAL parted ways with vocalist Nachtgarm.


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