• A Look at the NBA Playoff Picture

    An updated look at the NBA playoff picture, with 1 day left in the regular season

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  • Paying tribute on the streets

    BOSTON -- They stacked up 10 or 12 deep behind the barricades a half-block beyond the marathon finish line Tuesday in pelting rain and wind gusts that turned their umbrellas inside out. They filled in the corner steps of the Old South Church like a mute choir on risers and listened for the silence that would descend at 2:49 p.m., siphoning away the terrible sounds of a year ago. They couldn't see the brief ceremony about to take place, and they couldn't get any closer. They understood. Police and bomb-sniffing dogs and metal barricades and distance separated them from the finish line on Boylston Street, but it still belonged to them. They were exercising their freedom of assembly. The faint tones of a bagpipe reached them, and then "God Bless America," and then the absence of noise took over, nothing audible except the wind whistling through Copley Square, rattling banners and jackets. Some bowed their heads. Some closed their eyes. The moment passed. The Old...

  • Boston's healing doesn't come easy

    BOSTON -- The milestones are absolute, but the emotions are not. It has been a year since our city came under siege on our treasured Patriots Day, during our marathon, a joyous confluence of elite international athletes and spirited amateur runners, beloved for its quirkiness and its homespun charm. It was all blown to pieces before our horrified eyes, an act of unspeakable violence that was inexplicable, unprovoked. Since that day last April, we have attempted to reclaim the tattered remains of our innocence and contemplate how to make this city whole again. There is no foolproof manual for closure. As Liz Walker, pastor at the Roxbury Presbyterian Church so eloquently explained Tuesday, "Grief is that uneasy perch where the heart is forced to rest." On Tuesday, the first anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings, the city held a remembrance ceremony mourning those who were killed and wounded, and celebrated those who selflessly assisted...

  • Pistorius Trial: Defense Tries to Build Case

    Pistorius murder trial: Prosecutor strongly challenges credibility of defense expert

  • At Boston Marathon, a Chance to Finally Finish

    Amputee runner among the many returning to Boston to finish what they started a year ago

  • Sanchez Lifts Giants Over Dodgers 3-2 in 12

    Hector Sanchez singles home winning run in 12th inning, Giants outlast Dodgers 3-2

  • Donaldson, A's Rally in 11th to Beat Angels Again

    A's overcome Mike Trout's tying homer in 9th inning, rally in 11th to beat Angels 10-9

  • Sharper Challenges His No-Bail Status in Arizona

    Lawyers for ex-NFL player Darren Sharper to challenge no-bail status in Arizona cases

  • Clippers Beat Nuggets 117-105 for Record 57th Win

    Griffin gets 24 points and 16th technical in Clippers' 117-105 win over Nuggets

  • Boston Police Safely Blow up Suspicious Backpacks

    Tributes honor Boston Marathon bomb victims on anniversary; cautious police blow up backpacks

  • More Former Players Sue NHL Regarding Concussions

    Former players sue NHL, alleging league hid risks of concussions; third such suit filed

  • First round is the best round

    And then there was the day we found the Stanley Cup ... Yes, this sounds like a made-up story or a kid's fantasy -- and I suppose in the case of my then-11-year-old son Gord, it was -- but it's absolutely true and happened in the late winter of 1993. We have the pictures to prove it. It was the inaugural year of the reborn  Ottawa Senators. After 58 years in limbo -- the team gave up on Ottawa and moved to St. Louis for the 1934-35 season -- the Senators were back in the NHL, a new franchise, a new beginning, and soon a new building. For the time being, however, they would play out of the little Civic Centre downtown, where the Ottawa 67's junior club played their games. Since the first-year Senators were, well, terrible, and given that NHL teams weren't then running matters like the Secret Service, those of us who followed the team that first season used to take along our own equipment and play, whenever we could, on the road....

  • MLB Marks 67th Anniversary of Robinson Debut

    Major League Baseball marks 67th anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking color barrier